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Top 5 things to miss about bike racing...


Nearly two and a half months have now passed since my last proper bike race. In one way time has flown by and a lot of stuff has changed in our daily life. In another way time in lockdown has dragged and really for me not all that much has changed. Fortunately, I can still go outside, do my training and spend the rest of the day at home. However now we have had glimpses of that summer weather the racing urges inside of me are only growing and it really magnifies how much we are all missing bike racing. So here are the top things I miss about it!

* Foto credits: DJ Perry


As athletes we all have that competitive side within us, hence why at the minute you see so many pro’s taking on some impressive challenges to push themselves whilst there is no racing. We all thrive on the challenge competition and racing brings. Zwift is doing a great job of giving us that race sensation and although you definitely suffer, it's just not quite the same as the real world. You don’t get that adrenaline of fighting for position coming into a crucial part of the race alongside another 150 riders rubbing handlebars with each other. Or the same satisfactory feeling crossing the finish line after what has been a tough day just to get there.

Race Day Meet Ups 

Be that on the camper with team-mates or seeing friends on opposing teams who you only get the chance to see come race day. There’s always that ten-minute period when everyone is on the start line where you get the chance to catch up with mates you may have only seen a month previous on a different race start line. The first few races of the season are always good for this, where everyone comes out of their winter hibernation for the first time. Normally the conversation icebreaker will be something like you had a good winter? Or what's your programme the next few weeks?

Having a goal

I'm someone who thrives off having something to work towards. Setting new targets and races as a goal is a way I motivate myself to get the work done for it. For example, my first goal I was working towards this year was the Volta Limburg Classic, this is what was always in the back of my mind when I stepped on the bike every day or was doing off the bike workouts. Everything was done with the aim of being in good shape for this race. When those races or goals get taken away it can be hard to find and keep the same structure within your training. Fortunately, being part of BEAT Cycling Club there is always someone to help and pass on advice. With my home coach I’ve set myself new training goals to achieve before racing resumes to get me to an even higher level and with the team we are participating each week in Zwift racing. Something else to try and master before ‘real racing’ kicks off!

Sibe's rice cakes

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Our soigneur Sibe makes some killer rice cakes that are great snacks pre, during or post-race. As good as our Isostar products are sometimes it can be nice, especially in the longer races, to eat some ‘real’ food. For me, these rice cakes really tick the box!

Post-race café rides

Especially now the warmer weather has arrived, there is no better way to recover from the previous day’s racing than to cruise down to the local café or bakery with some mates. Grab a coffee, slice of cake and have a good chat. Maybe you’ve all done different races the day before so everyone is keen to say how hard their race was. Or if the racing has not gone so well, then it can be good to get away and talk about all things non-cycling related. A couple top tips for that perfect café ride...find somewhere that does good coffee and cake, somewhere where you can sit and soak up the sun and as a general rule, time spent sitting at the café should be higher than that day’s riding time!

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