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7 dagen meekijken

in het leven van 

Adam Lewis



Stel je voor. Je leeft als Britse jongen al jaren in België, maar door het coronavirus lijkt ineens alles onzeker. Wat doe je dan? Blijf je in België of vlieg je terug naar Engeland? Wacht je de situatie nog even af of onderneem je direct actie? 

Deze dingen speelde zich de afgelopen maand meerdere keren in het hoofd van Adam Lewis af. Uiteindelijk nam hij het zekere voor het onzekere en vloog hij terug naar Engeland. 

Afgelopen week hield Adam een dagboek voor ons bij. Benieuwd wat hij afgelopen dagen uitvoerde, hoe hij het vind om terug te zijn in Engeland en hoe de situatie daar nu is? Twijfel dan niet en neem even een paar minuten de tijd om een kijkje te nemen in Adam's Diary. 

Past 2 weeks

"We're being sent home." It was at this point the severity of the coronavirus truly started to hit me. 

Two weeks ago, I was living the ‘normal’ cycling life at my place in Belgium, along with the men’s U23 national squad from Great Britain. This is when they received this message telling them that they are being sent home due to the virus. On that same day all the races starting getting cancelled. "Ah it's only until the start of April", I thought. "Only another three weeks and all will be back to normal". I continued training, the only normality I still had and with the hope that the Volta Limburg Classic would still go ahead. A few days later and it was pretty clear this wasn’t going to be the case, the situation worsening daily, Belgium going into lockdown. That’s when panic started to creep in and the decision was made to fly home to the UK. 

A couple of stressful days of planning later, I found myself sitting in the almost empty airport waiting to board my flight. Just in time too as travel and border restrictions got tighter. The airport itself had a horrible feel about it, so quiet like a ghost town. Which was just as well as it meant we all had enough personal space during the flight. So much, so it felt like business class (not that I know how that feels, I can only imagine). So now I am safely back home as the UK also enters lockdown at least for the next three weeks. We can only hope the situation will improve! Fortunately, I am still allowed outside to train, after some time off last week to get over the mental stress of the whole situation I am back riding my bike this week. Making the most of the very nice British weather we are currently experiencing, however with the situation still very unclear as to when and if racing will restart this year, I am just enjoying being back on home roads for a change without too much pressure.  


Kilometres: 725 
Elevation Gain: 9,354m 
Hours: 23hrs 15mins 
Kilojoules: 18,520 
Netflix series finished: 2 
Bowls of porridge eaten: 6 

Adam's Diary


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