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Frequently Asked Questions

Stupid questions do not exist

At what times can I order / pre-order? 

For now, we will open the pre-order until 24th of May. After this, the order will go into production. So don't hesitate too long to order your IFS outfit.

Why do we choose to pre-order?

At IFS and BEAT we think sustainability is very important. Therefore, we choose not to order (too much) clothing and stock it. This is because there is a good chance that there are clothes left over. We can prevent this by working with pre-orders.

What are the clothes made of?

Sustainability is an important issue within our collections. All our shirts are made from recycled materials.

When will I get my order delivered?

At the end of the month (May 24) the pre-order closes and the production process starts. This will take about 10 weeks. We will start shipping your order at the start of August.

Will it be shipped to my home? 

Yes. Once the clothing is produced we will ship all orders to the shipping address you entered. For this we charge shipping costs

Can I exchange?

No, you can't exchange clothes. Because of our international and sustainable approach, swapping items would not be efficient and is therefore not possible. So, please read the size chart and product description carefully.
More questions?

Do you have more or other questions? Please send an email to