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Jan-Willem van Schip unveils customized handlebar

Road Team /  3 Min  /  by Thijs Verkuil

Jan-Willem van Schip has developed a new, unique handlebar in collaboration with BEAT Cycling and Speeco, aspecialist in the field of carbon products. The new Aero Breakaway Bar (ABB) will result in a safer and more aerodynamic position on the bike. Van Schip will use the ABB beginning next season

Unique process for everyone

Van Schip is already known as a pioneer when it comes to aerodynamics. His current handlebar, developed by XLC, has a quite unusual shape. However, although it was tested in a wind tunnel, he had not achieved the best possible position on his bike. Van Schip said: “It is quite easy. You want to get from start to finish as fast as possible. But how do you do that? Which factor has the most impact on your speed? That is aerodynamics. You can gain around 20 to 30 watts with a perfect position. It has been quite a long process to find my perfect position on the bike, and it will be different for everybody else. So what could be the key to success for me, might possibly not work for anybody else.”
“To find my perfect position, I reached out to Speeco. With the results of the wind tunnel tests, we have created a fully customized handlebar. It was a long process, before the final version was created. 3D printing of the handlebar, testing the first versions and improving it. Eventually, we were able to release the ABB. It is a handlebar that gives me more control on the bike, but it helps me hold an optimal position, too.”

Never lose your aerodynamics

Jules de Cock, co-owner of Speeco said: “The most aerodynamic position for a cyclist is the time trial position: arms bent and in front of your torso. Most riders simulate this position on their road bike, by placing their wrists on their handlebar, with their hands hanging loosely over the handlebar. It is a dangerous position without any support for your hands and you could lose control in the event of an unforeseen bump in the road or a gust of wind. On the ABB, we took the reach out of the stem and added it to the handlebar itself. As a result, your arms will be supported instead of your wrists, so there will be less of a leverage effect. In addition, the handlebar has a hollow shape, which cradles the length of your forearms. With the additional reach of the handlebar, it gives complete support to your arms in an aerodynamic position. This allows Jan-Willem to stay in perfect position, even on bumpy Belgian roads.”

Customized to Van Schip’s preferences

The ABB has been completely built to Van Schip’s preferences. For example, his favorite bike computer, the Wahoo Element Bolt, has been integrated, so connects perfectly to the handlebar and there is no loss of aerodynamics. At first, it was not possible to connect the Wahoo to its mount in the original way, but that problem was solved by adding a button to the bottom of the mount, which will keep the bike computer in place.


- Carbon Monocoque
- Laminated with a mix of UD Carbon and 2K Twill Weave Carbon
- 355 mm reach
- 32 cm width top
- 37 cm width bottom
- ± 500 grams (handlebar+stem)
- Milled aluminum fork clamp

Website Speeco: click here.


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