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#KeepUsOnTrack liveblog

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#KeepUsOnTrack liveblog



A bomb went off in track cycling, and it hit BEAT and other UCI Track Teams. UCI wants to create a nations-only competition. The current UCI track teams will effectively be banned from the sport’s biggest stage. The existence of the BEAT track team and other UCI track teams are heavily threatened by this ban. 

Follow our mission to #KeepUsOnTrack in this liveblog.

Tuesday July 30 (day 41):
We received a reaction from the UCI, which raises more questions then we already had. So we will ask the UCI for a further explanation.

Read the letter here.

Friday July 26 (day 37):
UCI finally comes up with some information and off course do so by not involving or informing us.

We are again flabbergasted by this, read our reaction.

Thursday July 25 (day 36):
We are not the only ones concerned, today Global Athlete adds an open letter to the pile.

Monday July 17 (day 28):
Because UCI is not reacting in any way to the cycling wide concerns we decide to write a second open letter.

Wednesday July 10 (day 21):
“BEAT is angry!” In a radio interview at NPO Radio 1, we discuss the plans of the UCI (Dutch).

Sunday July 7 (day 18):
UCI finally comes up with a first reaction, and makes things more fuzzy in doing so.

Thursday June 27 (day 8):
Theo Bos and Matthijs Büchli share their opinion on the new UCI plans.

Wednesday June 26 (day 7):
We hit the 5.000 mark with our online petition.

Tuesday June 25 (day 6):
Over 3.500 people signed the online petition in the first day alone.

Monday June 24 (day 5):
Today we have launched our #KeepUsOnTrack mission.

Two open letters on the current plans of the UCI are published. Read our open letter to the UCI and the open letter of HUUB Wattbike

Together with these letters, we have opened the online petition. 

Let your voice be heard to get this ridiculous plan of the table.

Saturday June 22 (day 3):
First reaction of BEAT: "Encourage dialogue between stakeholders prior decision" UCI says. Our club is running one of the best UCI track teams in the world, working hard to advance the sport. And we are not aware of these actions and have to read this via press release.

Thursday June 20 (day 1):
We are taken by surprise by the UCI press release which bans commercial track teams.

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