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We need your support

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We need your support

UCI plans to ban UCI track teams
A bomb went off in track cycling, and it hit BEAT and other UCI Track Teams. UCI wants to create a nations-only competition. The current UCI track teams will effectively be banned from the sport’s biggest stage. The existence of the BEAT track team and other UCI track teams are heavily threatened by this ban. 

On Dutch radio station NPO Radio 1 managing director of BEAT, Geert Broekhuizen and track cyclist Laurine van Riessen discussed the UCI plans.  

Let your voice be heard to get this ridiculous plan of the table 
Sign our petition below and show the UCI that the cycling community is against the announced ban of UCI track teams. Currently already more than 6600 people support our mission to keep UCI Track Teams as a part of professional track cycling (updated July 16).

Your name and email address will only be collected as a signature for this petition. You will only receive one email from us to update you on the process.

Open letter

Read our first open letter of June 24, 2019 here.

Read our second open letter of July 16, 2019 here.


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